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Bad things happen! Bad things happen to everyone.  However,michael kors handbags cheap, at my age, I'm taking a different perspective about the news.  With the internet, we hear about very bad things every day.  I can think of several this week, a recent train wreck, a major earthquake, and on a USA scale, a baby killed by a stray bullet from a street fight, and a three year old child who found his grandfather's loaded gun and accidentally killed his six year old sister.  Those stories are horrible and affected some individuals in very bad ways.However, I can't spend my life thinking about the bad things that happen every day.  Why?  Earth has billions of people.  I've always heard that every second two people die and three are born.  In a good way, that means that someone in my town is probably happily kissing his wife or her husband at this very moment even though it is 2 a.m.!  Good and bad things are going to happen.  Someone, somewhere, right now is very mad at his wife or her husband.  Someone doesn't know that in the next hour they will die in a car accident.  In fact, rumor has it that someone died by getting hit by a meteor this week!  Bad things happen.My point of view?  While it is good to know of what is going on in the world and which country is too aggressive (often my home country, the USA, I'm sad to say), I can't lose sleep over the really stupid things some people do, or even natural disasters.  Yes, a few people were killed in an avalanche this week. But I don't know them and that disaster will probably not affect me at all and most of you.  Last year, some two year old child in a store in the northern US reached into his mother's purse and probably without picking it up, pulled the trigger on a gun, shooting both his mother and father with the same bullet!  I can't cure everyone's stupidity (fortunately both parents and the mother's unborn baby survived, last I heard).  Bad things happen.  But I don't have to try to concentrate on each one of them.  If I did, I would constantly be as worried as some of you are right NOW about something in your life.  But I can do some things.  Within the last hour, I talked with a young college student on QQ and encouraged her that life also has good things for her ahead (mine number is 2563613199, in case you are wondering).  My four years of neck pain have improved with new treatment in the last three weeks.  I have two papers to edit tomorrow and I'm not sure I can make it happen on time.  But I can't go crazy because some idiot left a loaded gun where a child could find it or because a tire on someone's car came apart unexpectedly causing a terrible crash.  The things I can't control?  I need to let someone else worry about.It is much like marriage and relationships.  You can't change your girl/boy friend or your husband/wife.  You can only change yourself.  I wasn't on the bus that crashed, terrible as the accident was.  I don't and will never own a gun, so I can sleep with grandchildren in the house and not worry.  But I can't control what you do.  I have a hard enough time controlling what I can do.  Bad things happen.  But I don't have to dwell on those that will never affect me.  Yes, I worry about what is happening in Syria.  But I have no control over it.  So, I can sleep without worrying about it. 
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